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Clark County Lawsuit Loan

You’ve been injured in an accident and decided to take action against the responsible party in a civil suit. This is a great start, but what can you do to help cover your day-to-day expenses while your claim is settled? A lawsuit loan could be the key to unlocking short-term security in Clark County. 

Civil cases can drag on for months or even years at a time—but you’ve got bills you need to pay now. A lawsuit loan could help you get access to the funds you need now, and fast. Find out if a Clark County lawsuit loan is right for you. 

How Can a Lawsuit Loan in Clark County Help Me?

Getting injured in an accident can be complicated. You might be dealing with the looming threat of costly medical bills, lost income from missed work, or other complications that can leave you unable to experience the joy of life like you once did. 

And although filing a personal injury suit for your injuries in Nevada can help, what do you do to pay for the everyday things like groceries, rent, car insurance, and more while your claim is being processed?

Lawsuit loans in Clark County seek to resolve this issue. By getting you an advance on the money you’ve got coming in your pending civil litigation, a lawsuit loan allows you to bridge the gap between the filing of your claim and the awarding of your settlement money. 

A lawsuit loan works differently from a traditional loan. In fact, the word “loan” is even a bit of a misnomer. The truth is that a lawsuit loan is a form of non-recourse funding that basically is advanced to you by a willing lender looking to help your situation. 

Unlike other loans, a non-recourse loan is a type of loan backed by collateral for which you are not personally liable. In this case, the collateral is your pending settlement money. This means that if you win, you simply return the loan plus agreed-upon fees to the lender once you’ve received the rest of your settlement. 

If you lose your claim, the transaction ends; you owe nothing, and no one can hurt your credit score or threaten to repossess your home. For this reason, a lawsuit loan in Clark County is quickly becoming a preferred choice of litigants looking to reduce their risk while waiting for the outcome of their cases. 

Who Can Take Out a Lawsuit Loan in Clark County?

An applicant’s eligibility for a lawsuit is not determined by their creditworthiness or even their bank assets. In fact, the strength of your case is the only thing considered. All you need is to have active pending litigation and a personal injury lawyer to review your application with you. 

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