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Clark County Pre Settlement Funding Companies

As someone who has  already filed a personal injury lawsuit, you’re aware of the economic compensation that could be awarded to you in a settlement or judgement. What do you, however, when your funds are still far off, but you need cash now? These are things to keep in mind when selecting from the pre settlement funding companies in Clark County. 

Before accepting a lawsuit loan, it’s wise to consider a company’s reputation, local connection, and transparency. Here’s what you should know when researching Clark County pre settlement funding companies.

What Is the Purpose of Pre Settlement Funding in Clark County?

When you’ve been injured in an accident, you have the right to seek compensation for your damages from the at-fault party. And although it may be true that filing a personal injury lawsuit can help you win a settlement, there’s a problem: What do you do during the time it takes for your claim to settle?

When civil cases make it all the way to a court, they have been known to last months or even years. Even negotiating a settlement out of court with the responsible party’s insurance company can be a lengthy process. All the while, you need cash to pay for the everyday expenses you already have. 

Pre settlement funding helps qualified applicants bridge the gap. By advancing their future settlements, pre settlement funding companies help litigants pay for things like groceries, rent, or even medical bills. 

Pre settlement funding is also non-recourse, meaning that if you lose, you owe nothing—it costs nothing to find out if you’re eligible, and it presents no risk to you. 

Considerations for Choosing a Pre Settlement Funding Company in Clark County

With that said, you might be wondering how to know which pre settlement funding company suits your personal and financial needs for your pending settlement in Clark County. There are numerous companies across the state of Nevada, but be forewarned: Not all of them play by the same rules. 

Generally speaking, some attributes to consider when looking for a pre settlement funding company include: 

  • Transparency – Some pre settlement funding companies use hidden fees, complicated interest rates, or difficult-to-understand language that leaves you in the dark. A good company should use a clear, easy-to-understand fee structure so that everyone can get on the same page.
  • Local Connection – Rather than consulting a national lender, many accident victims elect to work with a local lender who has a better idea of the relevant laws and context. 
  • Turnaround – It’s your money, so why wait for it? A competitive company could send you your funds the same day you apply. 

Contact a Pre Settlement Funding Company in Clark County 

With pre settlement funding, there’s no reason to choose between paying for food or your rent. If you’ve got a pending case, don’t contact just any number of Clark County pre settlement funding companies to help you cover your expenses—contact Money First Lending for your needs.

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