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Clark County Pre Settlement Funding

After you’ve been injured in an accident, you know that filing a personal injury claim can help you earn a settlement that pays economic damages. But how do you cover your immediate expenses in the meantime while your settlement is negotiated? If this sounds like your case, pre settlement funding in Clark County could help. 

An advance on your settlement could help you pay for the day-to-day expenses you have right now, with the money you won’t receive until later. When you’re faced with the tough decisions that confront so many during civil litigation, find out how Clark County pre settlement funding can help. 

What Is Pre Settlement Funding, and How Does It Work in Clark County?

Getting injured in an accident caused by another’s negligence or carelessness can have multiple impacts in your life: financial, medical, and even emotional. That’s why you’ve taken charge and filed a personal injury action against the responsible party. But how do you cover your everyday expenses until your settlement or judgement is decided? 

Pre settlement funding is a form of non-recourse funding that’s being increasingly relied upon by civil suit plaintiffs looking to get an advance on the money from their pending settlement or award judgements. 

Unlike a traditional loan, the “non-recourse” part of pre settlement funding means that you take on none of the risk associated with other loans. If you win your case or are awarded an out-of-court settlement, then you’ll pay back a predetermined percentage of your settlement back to the lender, plus any fees associated with the loans. 

And if you lose? Well, you owe nothing—making pre settlement funding a highly attractive alternative to traditional loans for risk-averse civil litigants looking to cover their everyday costs while their pending suits are negotiated. 

Eligibility for Pre Settlement Funding

Because the lender takes on all of the risk associated with a pre settlement funding loan, this means that applicants have to be approved before gaining access to their funds. However, unlike usual lending practices that examine your collateral or review credit scores, your suitability for pre settlement funding is determined entirely by the strength of your pending case. 

Things to Look for in a Pre Settlement Funding Company in Clark County 

With the rising popularity of pre settlement funding, it’s likely you’re stuck between a couple different options in Nevada. At Money First Lending, we feel that a truly exceptional lender uses a transparent fee structure and displays genuine interest in the communities they lend to, as we do. If you’re unsure, consulting your personal injury attorney can give you an idea of the options available to you. 

Find Out About Pre Settlement Funding in Clark County

Founded by a personal injury lawyer and a former chiropractic physician, Money First Lending has a genuine interest in helping injury victims in Clark County and can help you, too. 

We offer free, no-obligation consultations. Call 702-623-3333 or fill out the following form to find out if Clark County pre settlement funding from Money First Lending is right for you.