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What Happens to My Las Vegas Settlement Loan if I Lose My Claim?

If you’ve been injured because someone else was careless, you may already have a lawsuit against the at-fault party. You may also be considering a Las Vegas personal injury settlement loan to cover your expenses until your claim is settled. But what happens to your Las Vegas settlement loan if you lose your claim?

It can be scary to take out a settlement loan without a guarantee that you’ll get compensated. Here’s how Money First Lending can help. 

Non-Recourse Lending 

After a serious accident, you may already be concerned about predatory lenders and your financial situation. Bill collectors may already be knocking on your door, making your life harder. You may not want to add to those headaches by taking on a loan. 

Here’s the good news—we’re a non-recourse lender. That means you won’t be held accountable if your settlement isn’t successful. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about your personal injury settlement loan in Las Vegas if you didn’t win your claim. 

Paying for a Personal Injury Settlement Loan in Las Vegas 

When you take out a Las Vegas settlement loan, you’re giving the lender a part of your car accident or personal injury settlement. Because of this, your repayment typically comes from your settlement when your case is closed. 

You may also be concerned about paying for these services, but there’s more good news. Nevada caps the interest rate for settlement loans at 40 percent, and at our company? You don’t have to pay interest at all. You’ll simply need to negotiate your annual fee with your lender and your lawyer. 

Get Your Losses Covered Now, Not Later 

When you’ve been hurt and you need compensation, it’s not easy to wait around for your lawsuit to be settled. You may need help now from a Las Vegas personal injury settlement loan. Luckily, we at Money First Lending can help. We can discuss the details of what happens if you lose your claim. To start with a consultation, call 702-623-3333 or complete the online contact form below.