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When Do I Pay Back My Las Vegas Pre-Settlement Loan?

Your serious injuries from an accident can take time to recover from, and getting a settlement for those injuries can take months or years to happen. Because of this, you may need a Las Vegas low-interest pre-settlement loan to help you recover. But when do you pay back your Las Vegas pre-settlement loan? 

At Money First Lending, we understand that paying back a big loan can be a daunting process. Here’s a breakdown of how your pre-settlement loan will be paid back and what you can expect to pay. 

Paying Back Your Settlement Costs 

When you’re in the middle of a big lawsuit, a low-interest pre-settlement loan can give you a little room to focus on things other than the lenders you’ve been dealing with, like a back injury or your lawsuit. But once all that is settled and you’ve received your settlement, what do you do about your Las Vegas pre-settlement loan? 

When your settlement is reached, you’ll typically pay all expenses off the top. That means you’ll pay out your attorney fees and any other court or legal fees, and then your lender will be paid the amount they’re due.

Interest Rates and Fees 

But getting the initial pre-settlement loan may not be the end for your Las Vegas injury lawsuit. Lending companies may also charge interest or an annual fee. If you’re concerned about high interest rates, it’s important to note that Nevada limits interest rates to 40 percent. 

Our lending company takes it a step further. We don’t charge interest. Instead of hoping for a low-interest pre-settlement loan in Las Vegas, you’ll just pay an annual fee that your lawyer will discuss with the lender. 

Seek Help with Your Pre-Settlement Loan in Las Vegas 

After someone seriously injures you, it can take months or years just to hold them accountable for their actions. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait that long for the funds you need after your injuries. Money First Lending may be your next step toward a Las Vegas low-interest pre-settlement loan. To consult with us about your settlement loan, call 702-623-3333 or complete our online contact form below.