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Las Vegas Pre Settlement Funding Companies

When you’re hurt in an accident, your expenses can’t always wait for a verdict on your settlement. Check out your options for a settlement loan with pre settlement funding companies in Las Vegas. 

It’s already bad enough that you’ve been through a serious accident. Now, even though you’re working hard on your lawsuit, your creditors aren’t being patient. They’re leaving you demanding letters, they’re insisting you pay now, and they’re calling you all the time. That only adds more stress to an upsetting, painful situation. 

But you have an option to silence the creditors and consolidate any debts under one loan. At Money First Lending, we believe your claim has a chance to succeed. But we also know it’s not easy to build a successful claim when you’re worried about those debts. 

Because of this, we offer settlement loan options that many Las Vegas pre settlement funding companies may not. If you’re considering a Las Vegas settlement loan but you’re not sure where to start, we can help you understand how a loan can help you, and we  can help you get started on your claim. 

What Does Pre Settlement Funding Do? 

When you’re struggling to get compensated for your injuries, you may be dealing with serious losses, both financial and emotional. That makes it difficult to split your attention. You’re injured, you’re in debt, and lenders want their funds back. You may also be unable to get your settlement quickly, especially if the at-fault party is trying to avoid paying for your losses. 

Because this is so difficult, you may need a pre settlement funding company in Las Vegas to help. We can offer funding for you when you’re struggling to pay for your needs. For example, you may be unable to afford your car repairs or the costs of renting a vehicle. In these cases, you may need a settlement loan that covers your needs or provides relief from lenders who want repayment. 

With pre settlement funding, you can get an advance on your Las Vegas injury settlement. That advance can help you pay off the costs you’ve suffered before you’ve received your compensation. You can then focus on getting a fair settlement in Las Vegas, and afterward, you’ll just have to pay a single loan for your personal injury expenses. 

Qualifying for a Settlement Loan in Las Vegas 

Before you apply for a Las Vegas settlement loan, you may ask, “How do I know I’m qualified to get pre settlement funding?” Luckily, eligibility isn’t too difficult—you may already meet these qualifications. 

The most important part is that you have an active lawsuit against another party. If you have an open claim, you may be due a settlement in the future, which is where your settlement loan can help. That way, we know you’re due a settlement that can cover the loan you’ll receive. 

You may also need to work with your lawyer on getting your loan from a Vegas pre settlement funding company. Your lawyer may be needed to show you have a strong chance of winning your claim. That makes your settlement loan in Las Vegas less risky for you and the pre settlement funding company you work with. 

What Pre Settlement Funding Can Cover

Once you’re approved for a settlement loan from a Las Vegas pre settlement fund lender, you need to know what your loan should and can cover. Typically, these loans cover the daily expenses your settlement would cover once you receive it. 

These expenses are also called damages, or losses caused by your injuries. You may have suffered expensive injuries, property damage, and other expenses that just can’t wait. While you may receive compensation for other losses, like pain and suffering, your settlement loan will cover the costs of your injury. 

For example, you may be unable to work while you’re dealing with your injury, so you don’t have the funding for your hospital bills. Now, creditors are leaving messages for you and demanding their money. Your Las Vegas pre settlement funding can help you pay off these bills and expenses so you’re not dealing with harassment while you’re hurt and suffering. 

Costs for a Settlement Loan in Las Vegas 

You may have already considered a settlement loan, but now you’re thinking, “But wait, what’s the catch?” You don’t want to get caught up in a high-cost settlement loan in Las Vegas. Interest could leave you paying off the difference for years. 

Here’s the good news. Nevada caps interest rates for pre settlement funding in Las Vegas. They can only charge so much for your settlement loan. Better yet, our company doesn’t operate like that—we don’t charge interest at all. 

Our pre settlement funding company instead charges an annual fee, which will be discussed before you work with us if you qualify for a loan. That fee makes it easier for you to avoid deeper debt, especially when you’re at your most vulnerable. You and your family need funding now, and without high interest to worry about, you can focus on your lawsuit and regaining your health, wealth, and happiness. 

Connect to a Pre Settlement Funding Company in Las Vegas 

When you’re hurt in a serious accident, getting a Las Vegas settlement loan can take some of the financial pressure off you. It won’t be long before creditors start knocking on your door, if they haven’t already. They expect to be paid fast, but without a loan, you may not have the funds to pay them. 

We know a settlement takes time. We know, too, that certain costs won’t wait, and you shouldn’t have to clean out your savings account to survive after an accident. Navigating pre settlement funding companies isn’t easy, but the right company can give you a loan to help you make it until you get your settlement. 

Thinking about your lawsuit and the expenses already piling up? Reach out for guidance from Las Vegas pre settlement funding companies like Money First Lending, starting with a free consultation. To get started, contact us by calling 702-623-3333 or by filling out the form below.