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I Need Money for My Legal Claim Now: What Can I Do?

Waiting for your legal claim to settle can be frustrating. When you’ve been injured in Las Vegas, you deserve justice and you deserve it fast. An accident changes your life, and the financial consequences won’t wait for the court process to finish. During the course of your lawsuit, you must pay for your medical expenses and property damage—even if you can’t work.

When you need money to tide you over until you receive your settlement, it may be time to consider pre-settlement funding. A Las Vegas settlement loan can provide you with a portion of your settlement immediately, even if you haven’t won your case yet. You can use this money to pay your expenses and recover more quickly. At Money First Lending, our goal is to help victims like you move forward.

Understanding Pre-Settlement Loans

Settlement loans may seem too good to be true, but they aren’t. As long as you have a good chance of winning your lawsuit, you can apply for funding and receive cash in as little as twenty-four hours after getting approved. If you don’t end up winning your case, you won’t have to pay back the funds you receive.

At Money First Lending, our loans don’t come with interest. We charge a simple annual fee.

Benefits of a Settlement Loan

The benefit of using a settlement loan is that you won’t go into debt between your accident and the end of your case. Creditors can charge large interest rates, so if you’re using credit cards or payday loans to pay your rent and medical bills, you may need all your settlement money to pay off this debt.

By getting a settlement loan, you can avoid going into debt and still have money left over once you win your case.

Contact a Las Vegas Settlement Loan Company

If you have questions about whether you qualify for a Las Vegas settlement loan, you can reach out to the team at Money First Lending. We strive to be transparent with our funding transactions, and we’re easy to get in touch with. To apply for lawsuit funding, fill out our online pre-settlement loan application or call 702-623-3333.