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North Las Vegas Lawsuit Loan

Injuries resulting from another’s negligence can feel demoralizing. What’s worse is knowing that your settlement money is still a ways off. 

If you’re feeling the financial squeeze of medical bills and lost income while your lawsuit is still pending, you should know your options. A North Las Vegas Lawsuit Loan could get you the relief you need now. 

Considerations for Your North Las Vegas Injury Lawsuit Loan

When considering the type of relief suitable for your financial needs, it’s important to understand that lawsuit loans can carry vastly different terms and conditions. For example, taking out a traditional litigation loan could leave you personally responsible for repayment even if you lose your case. 

A non-recourse lawsuit loan, on the other hand, reduces a plaintiff’s risk significantly by linking repayment to the outcome of your case. If you win or successfully settle out of court, you reimburse the lender for your cash advance directly from your settlement. Conversely, if you lose, you owe nothing. 

This arrangement affords two great advantages to you as plaintiff. For starters, it allows you to cover your basic expenses while your pending settlement is negotiated. Secondly, it could give your attorney time to negotiate the best settlement possible, as you’re less likely to accept an insurance company’s early lowball offers. 

Requirements for a North Las Vegas Suit Loan 

Plaintiffs seeking a lawsuit loan in North Las Vegas must meet the basic requirements laid out by Nevada to move forward. To get a lawsuit loan, you must have an active pending lawsuit and it must be filed by an accredited attorney. Furthermore, you must apply to have your loan approved by an official pre settlement lender. 

Unlike traditional loans, lawsuit loans are granted based on the strength of your pending claim. As such, it’s imperative to provide compelling evidence that will persuade a lender to assume the risk of taking on your case. 

Although different loan companies can reach different conclusions, in general, the better chance your suit will reach a favorable outcome, the likelier your loan will be approved. 

Working with a Local Lender for Your Lawsuit Loan Needs

Lawsuit loan companies are growing, and the decision to choose one over another can be made with the guidance of your attorney. If you’re in Nevada, a North Las Vegas loan company’s familiarity with local regulations and attorneys can be an advantage. 

Get Evaluated for a North Las Vegas Injury Lawsuit Loan 

Getting the pre settlement funding you need now could increase the value of your final settlement. Why let an insurance company take control? At Money First Lending, transparency and a genuine desire to get lawsuits loans in the hands of North Las Vegas residents are our guiding principles. 

Still not sure whether a North Las Vegas lawsuit loan from our firm is right for you? Call 702-623-3333 or fill out the form below with your information and we’ll set you up with a free case evaluation. You only pay if you win.