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North Las Vegas Pre Settlement Funding

When you’re injured in an accident, physical and emotional recovery aren’t the only things you have on your mind. You’re probably also worried about mounting medical bills, lost wages from missing work, and providing for yourself and your loved ones. 

A lawsuit loan is a cash advance that could help you get your settlement money faster. Discover how North Las Vegas pre settlement funding could be an option after your accident. 

Pre Settlement Funding Can Get You Money Now

A civil lawsuit allows you to sue for damages from the at-fault party in your North Las Vegas accident. Often, however, accident victims need money quicker than the settlement process allows for. 

For example, you might need costly emergency surgery or ongoing medical care for your injuries. Time away from work can impact your ability to buy groceries, pay your rent, or even enjoy the quality of life you were used to pre-accident. 

If an accident is putting pressure on your finances and you have an active lawsuit, applying for pre-settlement funding can put money in your pocket sooner rather than later. 

Whereas it might take months or even years for your settlement to be finalized, a litigation loan advances you the money you’re likely to win later. 

Understanding Non-recourse Loans for Your North Las Vegas Lawsuit

Pre settlement funding differs from a traditional loan because you are not financially liable for the cash advance you receive. 

When you accept a traditional loan, a lender can come after you later should your collateral fail to cover the cost and fees from your loan. 

Pre settlement funding is considered a non-recourse loan, so your only collateral is the future settlement you haven’t yet won. When you do finally win your case or accept a settlement out of court, you will simply return the money from your cash advance and associated fees to the lender.

When you accept a North Las Vegas litigation loan, you can rest assured that you will never incur any debt—which means your paychecks will never be docked and your credit score unaffected, regardless of the outcome of your case. 

What Sort of Fees Apply in Pre Settlement Funding?

Fee structures for a litigation loan in North Las Vegas depend on the lender. Most plaintiffs take the time to find a lender they trust because annual interest rates and other fees can vary. 

To provide pre settlement fees in Nevada, lenders must have the credentials to operate as an official consumer litigation funding organization. They should also follow industry best practices. If you have any questions, speaking with your attorney and an experienced North Las Vegas pre-settlement lender is a good place to start. 

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When you have an active lawsuit and need cash now, you want to work with a lender you can trust to not make your financial situation worse. At Money First Lending, we use a transparent fee structure that enables our clients to cut out the complexity and focus on what really matters: getting their lives back. 

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